Thursday, March 20, 2014

2NE1 Crush (Pink & Black Versions)

2NE1 – CRUSH [VOL. 2]

Track List:
03. 너 아님 안돼
04. 살아 봤으면 해
05. 착한 여자
06. 멘붕 (CL SOLO)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

On Christmas Day

Our family's Christmas dishes last December 24, 2013 - lasagna, baked macaroni, apple cinnamon and steamed fish~!! ♥

Beef Lasagna

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sony DSC-HX50V

Woah~!! My new camera package has arrived! I didn’t expect it to receive it as early as this morning! I was having breakfast when the courier arrived. Anyway, I’ve been longing for this Sony DSC-HX50V for a year now and I’ve finally bought it. I bought this camera mainly because I like it’s 30x optical zoom feature. It’s amazing for a small camera I tell you! I’ll use this in concerts, events and travelling. It’s like a handy DSLR in your pocket. Its loaded with great features too, you should check it out.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Restore Access to a Write-Protected Hard Drive

This instruction or tutorial is not from me. I got it in another site. This is very helpful when I cannot transfer anything to or from my external hard drive. It always says 'write protected'.

"During a bit of housecleaning today, I uncovered an old USB hard drive I hadn't used in a couple years. I decided to plug it in, check the contents, and see if it contained anything I still needed.

As it turned out, the drive was filled with a bunch of old, unwanted files. Great, I thought, I'll just delete them and put the drive back into use for other things.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Oh My Goddess Dara Lightstick and Goodies

Lightsitck : 12cm / 2 pink LED lights / zipper bag
Photo slogan : 80*40cm / printed on both sides / zipper bag
Mini photobook : 31 pages of seen / unseen photos / Matte soft cover
Special DVD : Title "special O.M.G" LV6 fancam and unseen fancams

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

2NE1 Official CDs and DVDs + Price List (As of March 5 2014)

1st Mini Album - US$ 13.99
Vol. 1 - To Anyone - US$19.99
2nd Mini Album - US$16.99
1st Live Concert Album - US$16.99
2NE1 Global Tour Live CD (New Evolution in Seoul) - US$19.99
2NE1 New Album - Crush (Black Version) - US$24.99 *new release*
2NE1 New Album - Crush (Pink Version) - US$24.99 *new release*

15th Anniversary 2011 YG Family Concert Live Album  (2CD+Photobook) - US$41.99

Nolza (Japan Version) - US$19.99
Nolza Type A(Album+DVD) - US$28.99
Nolza Type B (Album+DVD) - US$37.25

Go Away (Japan Version) - US$12.49
Go Away Type A (Single+DVD) - US$21.49
GO Away Type B (Single+DVD) - US$25.25

Scream (Japan Version) - US$12.49
Scream Type A (Single+DVD) - US$21.49
Scream Type B (Single+DVD) - US$25.25

Sunday, March 2, 2014

2NE1 All Or Nothing 2014 World Tour Concert in Seoul (Set List)

Set List

Day 1 - 140301
Day 1 - 140302
1. Crush
2. Fire
3. Clap Your Hands
4. Pretty Boy
5. Don't Stop The Music
6. Missing You
7. If I Were You
8. Come Back Home (Unplugged Ver.)
9. Ugly
----Winner (Just Another Boy & Go Up) ---
10. I Love You
11. Gotta Be You
12. Come Back Home
13. Do You Love Me
14. Happy
15. The Baddest Female
16. Mental Breakdown
17. Scream
18. I Am The Best
19. I Don't Care
20. Go Away

21. Lonely
22. I Am The Best remix
23. Can't Nobody

cr. WeLoveDara Twitter (Live Updates)