Saturday, December 25, 2010

Inconstancy amidst Trust

December 31, 2006

For the bends in the series of tunnels of friendship
For the loud and disliked sounds that disturb the pride
For the uneven pricks of roses in unguarded feelings
For the silent cry that ignited the tamed fire.
Without thoughts of deception to any kind of emotional matter
Without forced acceptance of the patient self
All these disappear in the name of the designer of emotions
Whom who temperate everything that overflows around us.
The simple but destined connection that comes between us
This that binds makes us together as if to last
Though taken for granted because of untimely responsibilities
I particularly will miss every nature of it.
Through all these, this inconstant but trusted friendship
Will make a mark of joy in each others memorable drama of life.


Friday, December 24, 2010


December 23, 2006

Zap the animosity of thy fragile heart
To fit thy friends’ exceptional care
Every person’s unguarded soul is touched
By simple love, friendship and unconditional love.
Amazed and admired by your dexterity
My curiosity leads me to know you better
Better than a mere acquaintance
In this assiduous yet blameless world.
For all the hurts and cheers that had been shared
Thought to be a journey of endlessness
Believed to be the friendship stories
I proved it to be memorable and true.
Although tamed memories are cherished
Creating new is as memorable and true as it is.


Lie Down and Rest

Lie Down and Rest
December 26, 2006

Pardon, let this time be a time to heal
Not thy skin’s wounds by thy heart’s
My heart may not be the cure
But there’s a part that can ease the trouble.
Can our hearts be the same in beating?
Can it be the same with the ones we adore?
The hope that this holds speaks both
Our love’s labor and fruit in the future.
Be patient not because love is
Be it for it holds what is best for you
Do nothing to fool love or it might fool us back
Love will always be love after this
When our hearts lie down and rest a little
It gives its best when it wakes.


Separate Memories

Separate Memories
December 15, 2006

Can the world permit me to call this night my night?
Sitting like a child I stare on the dark inviting sky
Thinking of the few who knows me by heart
My mind forms images of the few but I don’t see you
It is because it is not your face that I recall
That I will want to remember in any given time
Beauty does not qualify in friendship
I wonder why it is in love.
My wondrous mask is strong but you made it weak
Your amiable concern touches my wall of deception
Your grateful cry made me believe I can write
What more can I ask from an encouraging friend
But a remembering heart as we journey life
Separately we go but keeping touching memories.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Bliss Tale

A Bliss Tale
December 13, 2006

Poignant but joy in every person’s heart
Entering will imperil every bit of trust
Feeling of emptying yourself for others
Pouring some blemishes but myriad of happiness.
Enigmatic but endears the now-loving minds
Yes it’s typical yet thankful for what it brings
Friendship joins humility in character
A lifelong journey famed with blithe moments.
Immortal-made itinerary written on zephyr
Contains our eventful and lasting memories.
Blinded by blissful relationship is still a blessing
There’s no erroneous bliss in heavenly gift.
Anyone can tell their own tales of Friendship
Evidently by hint of this belongs to me.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

In the Midst of my Choices

In the Midst of my Choices
October 21, 2010


I am faced with a dilemma of choosing between friendship and half-truth.

Friendship is old, experienced and have long been trusted by my heart. I experienced things that changed some of my beliefs about life, trust and love. This change that happened is no doubt one of my life-changing memories to be treasured in my heart that cannot be changed whatever adversity may come. It is this called friendship that rips the mask that I have been used to wearing almost all my life. It can be said that my life has lived deceiving two worlds at the same time - mine and yours. Well, from what I learned, it is not only me that lived in deception, every being lives as such, intentionally or unintentionally.

Half-truth is the truth I thought it is but can be deceivingly not really as it is. Yes, in my world, there is this kind of truth that gives me a dilemma of what is true in this half-truth my inner self created. Some may say that this is only a perception of the real truth. That the real one is hidden from everyone because of lack of honesty, confrontation and acceptance.

In my state right now, I am in the midst of choosing what I want to believe and what my values states that I should sway a bit away from friendship and believe in a confession of a new-blossomed trust.

Choice - you are easy to advise than to make it myself.

Fan Fantasies

Fan Fantasies

What magic you have to make a fan longs to be close to you?
Yet, what magic do you possess to make a fan be wordless in front of you?
Myriad dreams, countless fantasies, night and day,
Thinking of you makes one smiles.
Oh, how sweet arguments I have within
The feeling of admiration every fan enjoys.
If I am a painter, you the art of my imagination
If I am a musician, you the music I am delighted to hear
If I am a poet, you are the living proof of my poetry
If I am a friend, you are the memory I will treasure forever.
Amidst angry and resentful beasts against you,
Are breathing mortal angels to lift you up.
May you continue to laugh at the world.
It will be the sign that you know everything shall pass.
This written piece may only be one,
But it carries a million admirations from your fans.