Monday, May 2, 2011

49Days MV 2 안되니 (Can't It Be Me?) - Tim [with English Lyrics]

Jo Hyun Jae & Lee Yo Won scenes


  1. It's a beautiful video! It's crazy but I really love all the scenes of thes two. In fact, all their scenes make me want to come back for more. The tension and chemistry have...Awww..Fire!
    Thank you for the video! ^^

  2. Hi there, thanks for watching my video. I like them as well. You're right... I also love the tension and chemistry. ^_^ Their team have a different charisma that I really liked. =)

  3. I love the video too, awesome chemistry with them I agree! I bookmarked the video in my favorites. I love the lyrics, and song. So lovely and sweet, thanks for translating! Because I am not Korean, but love watching the doramas with english subs though. ^^; I really wanted to love 49 days, but I enjoyed it alot, and I really like the actor here. He's very charming and handsome!^^