Thursday, December 22, 2011

2NE1 Nolza in Japan 1st Live Concert [Unreleased Tracks]

01. Fire (Live)
02. Can’t Nobody (Live)
03. Let’s Go Party (Live)
04. I Don’t Care (Live)
05. It Hurts (아파) [Live]
06. Lonely (Live) [Japanese Ver.]
07. In the Club (Live)
08. Pretty Boy (Live)
09. Don’t Stop the Music (Live) [Japanese Ver.]
10. Clap Your Hands (박수쳐) [Live]
11. Hate You (Live) [Japanese Ver.]
12. I Am the Best (내가 제일 잘 나가) [Live] [Japanese Ver.]
13. Ugly (Live) [Japanese Ver.]
14. Stay Together (Live)
15. Go Away (Live) [Unreleased Old Japanese Ver.]

These are unreleased tracks of 2NE1 ripped from Nolza in Japan concert which was broadcast last December 10, 2011 in Japan. I love listening to live audios so I ripped and edited it so I can listen to it in my ipod. Some of these tracks are actually interesting like Go Away which they changed in their released Go Away Japanese Album. It has an English verse which was not released anymore. Also, Lonely, Hate You, Don't Stop the Music, I am the Best and Ugly are in Japanese live unlike the official released 2NE1 1st Live Concert: Nolza! which were in Korean. Stay Together track is also interesting since you can clearly hear that it's live even though some some lines were not sung. I also added the Intro in Fire, It Hurts and Pretty Boy tracks. 

Although we have the 2NE1 1st Live Concert: Nolza! official live album, it did not stop me from listening to these tracks. It still has a different feeling. I normalized the audio so the sound is high volume not too low which is from the original audio format. I converted it to 320kbps and put track information thus, it's really ipod friendly! ^_^ Enjoy!


Credit still goes to YG Entertainment.

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