Saturday, August 11, 2012

120810 2NE1 Gifts!

Thank you so much!! ♥__♥ @MamaWowa @WLD_PA @WeLoveDara (Taken with Instagram)

I received this package on August 10, 2012. ^_^

2NE1 Lightstick Ver.1  (from @MamaWowa)

2NE1 Nolza 1st Live Concert CD
2NE1 Official Tatoos (One of the New Evolution Concert Goodies)
Dara stickers from San Union Project (Daralings)
Dara Poster/Postcard from Addidas Ad
(from WLD_PA/WeLoveDara)


  1. Those tea light holders are beautiful, Kate- as is your table runner.
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