Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fan Fantasies

Fan Fantasies

What magic you have to make a fan longs to be close to you?
Yet, what magic do you possess to make a fan be wordless in front of you?
Myriad dreams, countless fantasies, night and day,
Thinking of you makes one smiles.
Oh, how sweet arguments I have within
The feeling of admiration every fan enjoys.
If I am a painter, you the art of my imagination
If I am a musician, you the music I am delighted to hear
If I am a poet, you are the living proof of my poetry
If I am a friend, you are the memory I will treasure forever.
Amidst angry and resentful beasts against you,
Are breathing mortal angels to lift you up.
May you continue to laugh at the world.
It will be the sign that you know everything shall pass.
This written piece may only be one,
But it carries a million admirations from your fans.


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