Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Last in the Line

September 22, 2010

Why is it when everybody is busy, I suddenly feel sad?

People can be extremely happy or extremely sad and in that occasion I just instantly feel pitiful of myself. I hate it when I am angry and don’t know where to rant, yes. I hate it when I cannot control my feelings.

In my normal days, I am fully aware of the things I am doing and how I feel. Normally, I quite understand others’ feelings when they are mad or hurt or when they are in blithe. A support is always what I am.

Well, it is a good role in this world, the one who is behind the people who are in sorrow and not the one who always cries. But, I realized it is more saddening when suddenly you just feel the pain of needing a support as well – and you don’t know anymore where to look if you feel you’re last in the line of supports.

It is so difficult to be so understanding.

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