Monday, October 5, 2015

Our First Meet Up - Rhian Ramos

For Cyberhians Yearbook 2015
October 5, 2015

My name is Jez. I am 29. I am an entrepreneur and at the same time a government employee. I am really a fan girl at heart even when I was young. I am a loyal fan girl because when I like an artist, I stay long and I stan hard.

I am a big fan of Rhian since October 2008. First episode of Lalola and I was hooked. I didn’t expect to like Rhian that time, I was watching Lalola because I think the concept of the show is good. I never thought that it will start my admiration for Rhian. And then, after that I watched almost all her shows, recorded it and shared it with other Rhian fans which at that time I didn’t know Cyberhians exists.

I’ve been with Cyberhians since year 2008. I started posting in Rhian’s thread my first fan made music video of Lalola. And there I met them online. At first, I didn’t opened up yet because I didn’t think that it’s possible to meet a celebrity like what they were talking about in the forum. But then, when we were getting closer, I started to trust them. We became friends online but feels like they are more real since we connect to each other. They invited me to go to Manila to meet Rhian and Cyberhians. That was the first time I took my first solo trip to Manila. Fangirling to a whole new level, meeting the celebrity I like – it was a first!

The first time I met Rhian was when we had dinner with her at Giligans. It was memorable for us Cyberhians because that’s when most of us met for the first time, well at least for me since I live in Bicol. I was so happy I was sitting beside her that I had the chance to ask some questions which she answered cleverly. I was just amazed that she had dinner with us. Down to earth Rhian is simply amazing. Also, before that dinner, we had ‘a thousand mile’ story that we won’t forget. =D Technically, I saw her but didn’t meet her but unforgettable nonetheless.

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